Imogen is a multidisciplinary graduate designer interested in working in the intersection of design, technology, business and social impact.

She has been described as...
"deeply passionate about creating meaningful work with the aim of helping others with a desire to work towards causes that will impact and improve the lives of marginalised and vulnerable people. I would recommend this remarkable young woman highly, and without reservation."

Tanya Jackson-Vaughan

Imogen is fuelled by empathy, fascinated by the power of persuasion. She is passionate about using design to tell compelling stories and address wicked global problems. Since graduating from UNSW at the end of 2020, her professional and volunteer experiences to date have accelerated her design skills through working under the guise of multiple mentors, and across many different professional teams to deliver impactful outcomes. 

Imogen has experience working as a freelance designer, as well as in an in-house studio environment, and most recently in a creative agency on live client jobs for both local and global brands such as ASICS and Lenovo. Through these experiences, she has developed a broad range of skills, from multidisciplinary interactive visual design to strategic thinking and impactful communication. 

As a serial yes-woman, Imogen is constantly up-skilling her toolkit with skills like animation, copywriting, coding and video editing. Imogen has developed a passion for the business and entrepreneurship world through co-founding two social enterprise startups; one developed through her participation in UNSW's Founders program that addresses equitable children's eye health, and another winning international startup that delivers an instant community framework for access and inclusivity for people with dementia.​​​​​​​