As many as one in four Australian children may experience undiagnosed eye conditions without realising, thus affecting their ability to navigate the world and learn in the classroom. These issues are even further exasperated in rural, remote or low socio-economic areas of Australia. Australia’s National Eye Health Survey in 2016 found that 90% of these issues are preventable, pointing to a lack of access to eye health services. EYE2U is a health startup that engages at-risk Australian kids and their families to access eye healthcare services. 

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The Challenge

Current reports draw clear correlations between vision problems, poor school performance and lower quality of life. With this in mind, how might we design a new kind of eye care service that will make children and their parents more engaged with the importance of eye health, giving kids better access to education and quality of life?


What is the opportunity?

Lyn Brodie, CEO of Optometry Australia states that there is no comprehensive or consistent vision screen program across Australia. Our opportunity is to nip the eye health problem in the bud by rethinking the eye care experience, starting at screening, all the way through to helping kids feel enthusiastic about wearing their glasses to school.


What is EYE2U?

EYE2U is a mobile service that will visit Australian primary schools. It is a mobile unit that is equipped with portable, low cost diagnostic tools that detect eye issues easily and on the spot. Once the on-board optical team diagnoses issues, frame and lens specifications will be send to innovative 3D printers, which print the end product. EYE2U also believes in the fundamental value of sharing education, and so offers an exciting experience to help engage kids in the science behind their eye health.


What is our theory of change?

Engage at-risk Australian kids and their families to access eye healthcare services, by creating an accessible tech solution that comes to them at school. In doing so, achieving EYE2U's vision of equitable and timely eye care to improve learning outcomes for kids.